I’m not entirely sure what to say here.  Have been making more use of Tumblr than this, but seem to be making increasing use of this. Okay, here’s what I’ll say, will copy the following from my Tumblr,

Things which are interesting. Things which I do. And things relevant to my somewhat messy health. Which annoyingly gets in the way of things I want to do. For instance, the days of working and earning overtime to spend on hobbies are done and over with. But, hey, I’m thankful to be able to still do what things I can when I can.


After that, I’ll say these two things are the only social media I do. Factors in that being time, health, and the intense and overwhelming nature of other social media & the bad experiences I had with Facebook in 2015 and 2017.

So, here this is, that much is certain.

Quite what, exactly, I want it to be; what, exactly, I want to do with it, remain undecided.