Sunday Dinner #3 (Cooking by a blogger I follow) (And her dinner is documentably more photogenic than mine!)

via Sunday Dinner #3

… The main course was Greek chicken with roasted potatoes and fresh green beans. I used six large bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts with rib meat. Begin with a generous pour of olive oil in the bottom of a deep baking dish. Arrange the chicken pieces. …

Malia’s dinner both looks and sounds delicious!
I tried the Greek seasoned chicken yesterday and it tastes good but hers definitely makes the better picture. 🙂
Do I dare post photos of mine???????????????
Uncooked then cooked?

Hmm …………………………………………………………………………..

Eh, why not, it’s only food!

And maybe the thing that my health is a mess allows a bit of less-than-perfect-ness to be acceptable, right!

She used regular chicken breasts & I ended up using boneless skinless ones, so the insert slice of butter under skin step had to be omitted.
And I followed her recipe except for using a different preparation of meat in a different pan with a different brand of seasoning for a different amount of baking time; but I did use the same temperature! 😀
When done the pieces peeled apart with a fork, no knife required.

I plucked the seeds out of the lemon slices, don’t really know why, other than it seemed the thing to do, and I fumbled them while doing so, so that’s why the less than magazine cover photo quality holes in them.

(all in all, it is a pretty good bet that I’m no threat to the job security of any professional or even amateur chefs!)

Also of note, it had been a very long time since I’d worked with fresh lemons and while I was slicing them both cats wandered in to the kitchen sniffing the air.

No, fellas, you don’t get lemon slices, those are people food only, not kitty food.

They likely didn’t actually desire any, and were simply checking out the new and different fragrance. Novelty draws attention.

And speaking of fragrance, the seasoning smelled so good as the chicken got closer and closer to done cooking!



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