It seems I have just became one of ‘those’ people who looks at all this “green” stuff and says, What a friggin farce.

Last year when I went to buy a new point and shoot pocket camera I wanted one which like my old one used AA dry cell batteries which can be bought anywhere.
Nope, no such camera available, they all use rechargeable batteries because dry cells are not green.

Last year our apartments replaced the thermostats with modern, efficient, “green” ones.

This morning I woke up thinking its just a little chilly in here.
Went and looked at thermostat and all heat settings showed 68F, should have been 70 by this time of morning.
Noticed a blinking black bar at top of display, with almost but not quite legible clear lettering in it.
A bit of extra light and magnification, “Replace Batteries”


Found them.

AA size “Use Alkaline Only”
I don’t HAVE any AA alkaline batteries because I don’t have anything which NEEDS them.

I do have AA size Lithium batteries the old camera uses.

And with this right now “Partly Cloudy 28°F, -2°C” + freezing rain last night I am NOT going to go out and get “Alkaline Only” batteries.
In go the Lithium batteries.

So, can’t get a camera which uses dry cell batteries because those batteries are evil, and the green thermostat requires the very same evil dry cell batteries in order for it to function.

What a friggin farce.

The ‘green’ people are just as big of hypocrites as are the church people.

Who knows, maybe ‘green’ is just another format of religion.

“Honey, do these jeans make my ass look cynical?”



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