How could it not? “Is Your Chronic Pain Changing You?”

And that is part of how/why mental fatigue can hit soon and suddenly;

“Another study in the Journal of Neuroscience (2011) found that while reduced gray matter in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex did not prevent chronic pain sufferers from completing tasks, it changed how their brains reacted to a challenge. When compared with normal subjects, it appeared as though they had to use more areas of their brain to complete the same task. This suggests that pain makes it more difficult to process information and solve problems. “

“Is Your Chronic Pain Changing You?”

How could it not?

And even without it my experiences today will change me from the person I was yesterday.

It is another agent of change inserted in to an already constantly changing system.

Yet it can also increase the following:

1. It lowers your patience threshold

When pain is a part of your daily life, acting as an invisible hurdle you must jump over before you can face the day, a big portion of your patience reserves are already used up. You have to make do with what little is left over to tackle everything else you may encounter. With a lowered tolerance threshold, small inconveniences can seem like big problems. You find yourself snapping at people, and feeling irritated at the slightest sign of trouble.

Some organization and planning may help you ward off potential problems that could set you off. That way, there are fewer surprises and you are better prepared to face issues that do arise. Communicating your frustrations with loved ones could also help you feel understood, and reduces the chance that your outbursts could be taken personally.

And it might do both.

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